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Azek Decking by Timbertech

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Azek Decking by Timbertech

Azek Decking Canada


Where Contractors and DIY Homeowners Shop for Azek Decking at Competitive price.

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The Azek Experts

Azek by TimberTech PVC decking delivers a perfect harmony of beauty and durability, as we present an exquisite range of decking solutions designed to withstand the test of time.

About Azek colors?

Azek Decking colors replicates the rich textures of natural wood, offering an authentic look without the maintenance hassles. With advanced protective layers, TimberTech Azek decking resists fading, staining, and scratching, ensuring your deck remains stunning year after year.


timbertech azek harvest collection by Azek

The Timbertech Harvest Collection - a premium Pvc decking that captures the warm, rustic aesthetics of wood while offering the low-maintenance benefits of modern technology. Elevate your outdoor space with the rich Deck boards colors: Slate Grey and Brownstone.

timbertech azek landmark collection by Azek

Experience timeless elegance with the Timbertech Landmark Collection. Crafted for enduring beauty, these premium Pvc decking options combine stunning aesthetics with superior durability. Deck boards Colors: American Walnut, Castle Gate, French White Oak and Boardwalk.

timbertech azek vintage collection by Azek

Timbertech Vintage Collection. Crafted to perfection, these premium decking options infuse your outdoor space with classic beauty and modern durability. With authentic wood look and low-maintenance excellence. Deck boards Colors: Coastline, English Walnut, Weathered Teak, Dark Hickory and Mahogany.

Frequently Asked Questions about Azek

How is Azek decking different from traditional wood decking?

Azek decking offers the authentic appearance of wood without the upkeep. It's engineered to be more durable, fade-resistant, and low maintenance compared to traditional wood.

Can I install Azek decking myself?

Absolutely! Our decking systems are designed for easy installation. We provide comprehensive installation guides and support to ensure your project is a success.

Are Azek boards resistant to fading?

Yes, Azek decking features advanced color protection technology to resist fading from UV rays, ensuring your deck's vibrancy for years to come.

What kind of maintenance does TimberTech decking require?

TimberTech decking requires minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is typically all that's needed to keep your deck looking its best.

Is Azek TimberTech decking environmentally friendly?

Absolutely, TimberTech is committed to sustainability. Our decking contains a significant portion of recycled materials, and we operate eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Can Azek decking be installed near water, like a pool?

Certainly, Azek by TimberTech decking is well-suited for poolside installation. Its moisture-resistant properties make it a great choice for areas with frequent water exposure.

More About Azek TimberTech Decking

Elevate your outdoor lifestyle with Azek decking. Explore our stunning range, discover innovative solutions, and redefine how you enjoy your outdoor space. Beauty, durability, and low maintenance – experience it all with TimberTech.

Azek Dealer for Contractors and (DYI) homeowners. Stores located in Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton Area.

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