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Shopping for IPE Decking? We Offer Premium Grade IPE at Most Competitive Pricing in Canada. Best IPE Deck Boards Grade Available at Our Locations in Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton.

Decking Profiles


IPE Decking - Solid/Eased Edge boards


Ipe Deck Boards with solid eased edge, can be used for may applications: Steps, risers, picture frame, fencing, etc.

Available in 3/4" - 1" - 1.5"-2.5"- 3.5" - 5.5" in thickness, lengths from 3' to 20' long.
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IPE Decking - Pregrooved boards


Ipe decking Pregrooved boards are meant for use as for the deck floor, and can be used with hidden fasteners, type Ipe clips fasteners.

Available in 1"x 6" and 5/4"x 6" nominal in thickness, lengths from 3' to 20' long.
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IPE Wood Posts


Ipe wood posts combine strength and sophistication, embodying the essence of durability. Their natural resistance to decay, insects, and weather ensures longevity, making them an ideal choice for outdoor structures. Ipe wood posts stand as robust pillars of both beauty and resilience in design.

Available in 4x4 - 6x6 up to 20' long,
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IPE wood Siding/Cladding


Ipe siding cladding exemplifies perfection in exterior design. Its remarkable durability, resistance to harsh weather, and natural beauty make it an exquisite choice. With an array of tones, the hardwood exudes elegance while requiring minimal maintenance. Ipe siding cladding stands as a timeless testament to both aesthetics and functionality in architecture.

Ipe siding 3/4'x5" is Available up to 20' long
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IPE Decking Facts:

  • Ipe decking is an environmentally responsible choice which naturally resists rot, decay, insects and mold without the use of toxic chemicals commonly found in other decking products.
  • If you don't want maintenance, you can leave your new Ipe deck with its natural colours, within a few months, as is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet, your Ipe deck floor colors will change to a beautiful silver platina colour which you can leave for as long as you wish.
  • If you decide to bring back the natural Ipe colors, you can pressure wash and sand your decking boards.
  • You could decide to maintain and enhance your ipe decking natural colors by applying Ipe oil in a periodic or annual maintenance.
  • Ipe decking hardness, strength and beauty make it perfect for exterior wood decking and siding applications. It is naturally fire resistant and has been awarded an ‘A1’ rating in fire resistance.



For optimum outdoor performance, Ipe decking is air dried between 15% and 18% average moisture content.

Ipe decking boards should be acclimated and stabilized to your climate before installing.

Should be kept dry, covered and stored out of direct sunlight until installed.

Do not store directly on the ground or concrete, place a tarp, plastic sheeting or other moisture barrier.

Adequate Ventilation of an IPE Decking is Essential for Long-Term Stability and to Minimize Cupping.

A proper design of a deck in Ipe wood is essential, it should allow air to ventilate from the underneath of the deck area, under the joists and up through the joints. It is important to carefully plan your Ipe deck design. If there's a lack of ventilation, you should oil or seal the underneath of your deck before the installation, this is will help to prevent humidity to penetrate the wood and cause cupping.

Take extra measure when your deck is near water sources or other sources of humidity, although Ipe decking is very dense wood, it still a wood that will react to humidity, it could cup and age rapidly as other woods.

IPE Decking Suggested Joist Span is 24" c/c.
When Using a 5/4"x 6" - 16" c/c. When Using a 1"x 6"

Pile of wooden board sample