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Payment Terms


All quotes are valid for 10 days, the prices may change without any prior notice.


While our deck specialists offer take-off services to contractors and homeowners, the buyer is ultimately responsible for verifying the accuracy of quantities ordered. Our Return Policy listed below still applies for both in-stock and special order materials, even if we provide you with a material take-off.

Payment Terms

All orders must be fully paid prior to pick up or delivery unless other terms are agreed and authorized by us. Accepted payment methods include Debit cards, Visa, Master, Amex, (in-store payment only), wire transfer, e-transfer and Cash. Personal and company cheques are accepted, and are subject to 10 days clearance period.


Orders can be picked up only after our confirmation with Packing Slips issued by us. Deliveries: All deliveries shall be made at the driveway or any sides of the driveway only.

Lead Time

The lead time indicated by the Seller are not binding. The Seller is not responsible for delays of delivery due to events that make the delivery delayed, even if binding time periods and delivery deadlines have been agreed upon.

Return Policy

Cancellations & Order Modification

Any cancellation or modification after the order is received by us shall attract a 30% restocking fee. Returns: No returns will be accepted without our prior consent. Any authorized return must be returned in the same original condition within 15 days of pick up or delivery, subject to a 30% restocking fee. Any returns exceeding 15 days shall not be taken back.

Special Orders

All products which are considered by us to be "Special Order" are designated as such in the item description found on our quotes and invoices. All orders containing "Special Order" items are to be paid in full to process the order and the sale will be final, thus, no cancellation, modification, or return is allowed.

Refund Policy

All refunds shall be made in the same manner in which the payment was originally made. For Debit payments, the refunds shall be through E-transfers.

Product Characteristics


Ipe is a product of nature and there shall be natural variations in colors, grains, characters, textures, patterns, etc. from the samples given/shown/displayed.

Composite/PVC Boards

The actual color, textures, grains, patterns, etc. of composite and PVC deck boards may also vary from the samples given/shown. The appearance of deck boards will vary based on the orientation of the board, as well as the lighting conditions under which it is viewed. Any/all products when exposed to any extreme weather condition shall react. So are the natural woods, the composite, and the PVC deck boards. They all expand in higher temperature and humidity and contract in lower temperature and humidity. All products are manufactured in accordance with the accepted industry standards with allowable defect tolerance. The installer and/or the owner/buyer assumes the final responsibility to the quality of the product delivered. All deck boards must be inspected prior to installation and no return/refund/exchange of product is entertained on products which have been previously installed.


Metamerism is the phenomenon wherein two colored samples will appear to be of the same shade under one light source but will appear to be different shades under a second source. When installing composite and PVC deck boards at different angles, metamerism may make the boards installed at one angle appear to be of a different shade than the deck boards installed at the other angle, depending on the lighting and the angle which the deck is viewed. This is a natural phenomenon, not a defect, and can occur even when the deck boards are cut from the same boards or come from the same unit. Metamerism is an aesthetic issue and not a performance or product warranty issue.

Product Warranty

IAll Composite and PVC decking boards supplied by us comes as per the Manufacturer’s warranty program. See our store pages for more information on individual manufacturer's warranties.

Ipe Wood Decking

We offer a 3-year limited warranty to the original buyer of our Ipe Decking. This warranty covers only material replacement for abnormally large cracking or premature rotting.

This warranty does not cover costs or damage from removal or installation, improper storage or installation, abuse, alteration, disasters, misuse and treatment in a manner other than as intended. This warranty does not cover reinstallation, decking materials, installation tools, and assumes no loss of use, liability for incidental or consequential damages. No claims shall be accepted for the following reasons: cupping, checking, splitting, twisting, shrinking, staining, warping, discoloration, mold, fungus, or insect attack. The material covered must not be in direct contact with the ground or standing water and must be used in a design that allows for adequate airflow under the deck boards and not subject to any moisture issues or standing water. National Decking does not assume any risk or liability associated with the use of Ipe decking or any other products original buyer has received or used. National Decking shall have no further liability or obligation except as purposely stated in this document by purchasing any product from National Decking.

Pile of wooden board sample