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Shopping for IPE wood? We Offer Premium Grade IPE at Most Competitive Pricing in Canada. Best IPE woods are available at Our Locations in Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton.


What is IPE?


Ipe wood, also known as epay or epi wood or Brazilian Walnut, is a South American hardwood known for its strength and durability. Ipe is among the hardest species of wood used for decking, and has been given a Class A fire rating which out-performs most of the other woods or composite decking options.

Ipe decking can be oiled to protect its natural color, or it can be allowed to weather to a lovely driftwood grey to fit contemporary designs.


Why IPE Wood is the Best Wood for Outdoor Decks?


Ipe wood, with its stunning golden tan and warm brown tones of natural Ipe wood decking cannot be replicated by any man-made product. Natural resistance to rot, decay, and insects gives it a 50 year lifespan with no artificial preservatives.

Ipe wood decking is a premium, exotic, and more durable alternative to other commonly used natural wood decking options. Its timeless beauty suits almost any style, and thanks to thousands of years of natural cultivation, Ipe wood has been naturally engineered to last a lifetime.


Whether is for an IPE wood Deck, Fence, Cladding or Soffits, IPE Wood Color Variations and Wood Grain, Delivers a Unbeatable Durable and Amazing Look.

  • IPE wood is one of the hardest and most durable timber species in the world.
  • IPE colors range from dark brown, olive-brown, reddish brown to caramel with wide variation in grains.
  • IPE is naturally durable and resistant to rot and decay, making it an excellent choice for exterior applications.
  • It lasts a long time and has the beauty of an interior hardwood.
  • Outlasts by far all other popular wood decking species such as treated Pine, Cedar, Redwood and Douglas Fir.
  • An IPE wood deck can last up to 100 years!
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