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IPE deck tiles are a designed for the construction of raised decks or rooftops for residential and commercial applications, easy to install, replace or remove, makes them a great choice. IPE deck tiles are designed for installation on adjustable pedestal supports, enabling decks with a perfectly horizontal surface to be built over sloping or irregular surfaces. Standard Ipe wood tiles come in 24"x24" dimensions

Other dimensions available on special orders:
20"x 20" - 24"x 48" - 24"x 72"


Ipe Tiles With
Adjustable Pedestals


Adjustable pedestals deck support for Ipe wood deck tiles can be either fixed height or adjustable for slope compensation. Create level rooftop decks over sloped surfaces and a variety of other surfaces when grade decking is required.

Bison Adjustable pedestals are perfectly designed to accommodate Ipe wood deck tiles.


Ipe deck tiles are best suited for applications such as roof top decks, patios above living spaces or a garage or on grade ground level patios.

Easy to install and therefore easy to remove if needed, gives the advantage over traditional framed decks.

Our Ipe wood deck tiles can be easily transported up by elevators to any rooftop.

Once the Ipe wood tiles are installed on a rooftop, they will also protect the underneath waterproofing membrane from UV exposure.

Pile of wooden board sample