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Canadian Made

Composite Decking


Canadian Made

TruNorth Composite Decking


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Composite Decking

Why Choose TruNorth Decking?

Why Choose TruNorth Decking?


TruNorth Decking is the largest Canadian manufacturer of composite and PVC decking and the only Canadian manufacturer of rice hull fiber reinforced composite decking. TruNorth Decking’s parent company has been an Ontario business for over 58 years. TruNorth continues to manufacture all of their decking products right here in Ontario.

TruNorth offers both non-wood based and PVC free capped rice hull composite decking, which is superior for durability and performance in the decking industry. Their proprietary rice hull fiber composite is proven to resist water penetration which means your beautiful deck will not mold, rot, or swell. Since we encapsulate both sides of TruNorth, you have the comfort of knowing you can flip the boards over in the future if you damage them.



Hollow Core



Solid Core

trunorth Solid-Core collection

Welcome to the TruNorth Solid-Core Collection, where innovation meets durability. Elevate your outdoor haven with our premium decking solutions. Explore a range of styles that combine aesthetics and strength, setting the stage for lasting beauty. Redefine your outdoor space with TruNorth Solid-Core—where excellence takes form. Trunorth deck color boards: Ash Grey, Tigerwood, Amazon Grey, Tropical Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Stone Grey, Mocha, Caramel, Bordeaux and Hazelwood.

trunorth Enviroboard collection

Introducing the TruNorth Enviroboard Hollow Collection, a testament to eco-friendly innovation. Elevate your outdoor projects with sustainable materials that harmonize durability and environmental consciousness. Redefine your spaces with this collection's exceptional quality and responsible design approach.

TruNorth Composite
Decking Advantages

TruNorth is the only company that offers non-wood based and PVC-free rice hull composite decking made with 95% recycled content and capped on all sides.

  • Fade and stain resistant with 25-Year Limited Warranty
  • Never have to paint, stain, or seal
  • More durable than other competing composite boards
  • Heat blocking technology keeps deck cooler
  • Rice husk formula means no rotting or molding
  • Eco-friendly product made with 95% recycled materials
  • Reversible boards with capping on all four sides

TruNorth Resources

Download these helpful documents to help with installing and registering your new deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we buy Trunorth composite decking or get free deck color samples?

You can buy or get free Trunorth decking colors samples to any of our stores. You can come and visit and meet our Trunorth composite deck specialists. We have showrooms and warehouses in Toronto-Mississauga, and Hamilton area.

How can I get the best pricing on TruNorth deck?

Here at National Decking, we offer the best prices for Trunorth decking to all of our customers across Ontario. If you find a cheaper price anywhere, we will match it with our in-stock inventory.

I am building my deck soon, how quickly can I get my decking?

Because of our large Trunorth on-hand inventory, we are able to fulfill most orders of in-stock decking within a few days - much faster than any other decking supplier.

What makes rice hull decking different from other composite decking?

TruNorth uses 100% rice hulls which are normally discarded as agricultural waste, and no wood pulp or saw dust is used. This makes TruNorth decking a more environmentally friendly option without compromising its quality. Rice hulls absorb very little moisture, will not harbour mold or fungus, will not burn or decay easily, and allow TruNorth to produce boards that use 95% recycled material, right here in Ontario.

What's special about Trunorth decking?

TruNorth decking is capped and textured on both sides of the board, meaning they are reversible and can be flipped over in case of damage during installation. TruNorth deck boards also use heat blocking technology to keep cooler than other composite deck boards. Plus, TruNorth manufactures all of their products in Canada, so your purchase will support a Canadian business.

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