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Vinyl Fence Panels

Our Vinyl fence pricing varies based on factors like fence height, style, color and quality. On average, our basic mono-colors vinyl fences start around $45 per linear foot, while Multitoned premium colors can range from $70 to $90 per linear foot. Factors like color and additional features such as Aluminum tops or decorative accents can influence the cost of your new fence. Professional installation usually adds to the overall expense, averaging around $30 to $40 per linear foot. It's essential to consider long-term savings, as vinyl fences require minimal maintenance and can last for decades.


How much will your new Vinyl fence cost?


Follow this easy steps for a prompt and accurate quote for your new Vinyl fence materials

Follow These Steps


Measure and Plan the Fence Layout: Begin by measuring the perimeter of the area where you intend to install the fence and gate(s). Accurate measurements are essential for calculating the required materials. Sketch out the new fence layout.


Visit one of our Showrooms in Toronto-Mississauga or Hamilton; View and choose from our Fencing Selection.


Our sales representatives can assist you on calculation the fence material needed.


We'll deliver your new vinyl fence in no time, hassle free!


For the installation of your new fence, you can do it your self or you can hire a skilled Vinyl fence installer.

Are you a fence Contractor? Contact us and ask for our Vinyl Fencing "Large volume discounts"

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