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IPE Decking Maintenance

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IPÉ Decking
Maintenance Tips


  • Ipe deck boards can be oiled periodically/annually to maintain and enhance its natural colour and beauty.
  • The application of Ipe oil will enhance the Ipe boards colors.
  • You can install your Ipe deck and leave natural for low maintenance, it will age to a beautiful silver-grey platina colour.



IPE Oil Application:

You can apply Ipe oil with a roller and a brush, apply and remove by wiping the excess. Stain or varnish pad applicators are very efficient as well, always remove by wiping the excess Ipe oil to avoid sticking surfaces. It takes 24-48 for the surfaces to completely dry.

Make sure that the Ipe boards surfaces are ready before applying the Ipe oil. You wash, sand and remove dust prior the Ipe oil application. Always follow instructions as recommended by the product manufacturer.


How Ipe boards arrive to job site? Due to manufacturing process, shipping and storing methods, Ipe deck boards may arrive with some dirt, water stains, scratches, marks from stickers or breather strips and other visible imperfections.

Don't worry, it is normal! Simply install the Ipe deck boards as received, once the installation completed you can wash you deck, once dry you can use an orbital electric hand palm sander with #80 grit sanding paper for sanding all visible imperfections, and lightly sand the rest of the deck. Then blow or sweep the dust away. (Alway use appropriate protection and paper face mask when sanding)

IPÉ Wood Deck Boards


You can certainly leave your Ipe deck with its original natural colour. Within a few months, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) will transform it to a beautiful silver platina colour.

If you decide to bring back the natural finish colour, you simply need to wash your deck, you can use a good Wood Brightener (follow product instructions), followed by a sanding to smooth the surface – and it’s done!


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