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What is Pressure Treated Wood Framing?

Pressure treated wood framing is made from sustainably harvested softwoods like spruce, pine, fir, (SPF) and southern yellow pine (SYP). Once it is milled to size and kiln dried, it is chemically treated with preservatives under high pressure to make it more resistant to decay, insects, and other types of damage. The process involves placing the lumber into a closed container, then saturating it with a preservative solution using high pressure. This helps the preservative penetrate deeply into the wood, making it more durable and long-lasting. Pressure treated lumber is commonly used for outdoor construction projects, such as decks, fences, and retaining walls.


Pressure Treated Joists 2x6 - 2x8


A deck joist is a horizontal structural member that supports the deck boards on a raised deck. They typically span outward away from the structure, and are spaced evenly apart at either 12" or 16" intervals to provide a sturdy and stable base for the deck surface. The joists are attached to the ledger board, which is fastened to the house, and to the support posts or beams at the outer edge of the deck.


Pressure Treated beams 2 x10 - 2x12


A beam is a horizontal structural member that supports the deck joists and transfers their load to the support posts. The beam typically runs perpendicular to the joists and is positioned under the joist ends. It can be made of wood, engineered wood products, or steel, and is often composed of multiple pieces of lumber that are fastened together. The number and size of the beams required for a deck depend on the deck's size, load requirements, and local building codes.


Pressure Treated posts 4x4 - 6x6


In the context of a raised deck, posts are vertical structural members that support the beams, which in turn support the deck joists. They are typically made of wood, and are positioned at the outside edge of the deck in attached decks, and along all edges in freestanding decks. The spacing of posts is determined by the dimensions and maximum span of the beams, and the width of the posts are determined by the height of the deck and load capacity. All requirements are outlined by local building codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy pressure treated framing for the best price

At National Decking, our on-hand pressure Treated inventory allows our prices to remain competitive with other yards and home centers in town.

I am building my deck soon, how quickly can I get my pressure treated lumber?

Because of our large on-hand inventory, we are able to fulfill most orders of in-stock decking within a few days - much faster than the big box stores!

Do you sale pressure treated only to contractors, what about homeowners?

We sell pressure treated also to our DIY homeowners customers

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