December 19, 2023

composite decking with two chairs with yellow and grey cushions

Decking Materials: Wood vs. PVC vs. Composite

composite decking with two chairs with yellow and grey cushions

Whether you’re building a new deck or replacing old and worn-out deck boards, there are a lot of different decking materials to choose from. Let’s compare several options so you can choose the right choice for your home, climate, and ultimately decking project!

Considering a Wood Decking Option

Pressure-treated, Cedar decking and exotic Ipe wood decking are a popular option for many. Pressure-treated for decking is an economical sustainably harvested from softwoods. It is chemically treated to preserve the wood and make it more resilient against the elements including, decay, rot, and insects. Cedar decking offers natural beauty and durability, making it a popular choice for outdoor spaces. Known for its distinctive grain and rich color, cedar natural oils provide a natural resistance to decay and insects and ensuring longevity.

IPE Decking is an exotic hardwood option that is natural-looking as well as durable, strong, and resistant to insects and rot. Oiling it will protect its natural colour and this premium wood option is one of the most popular for its resilience and has the longest 50 years and plus lifespan.

The Benefits of Wood Decking

  • Wood is the most natural-looking decking option for decks.
  • IPE decking proves to be the most durable hardwood against other wood options and the elements making it ideal for the outdoors.
  • IPE wood decking comes in an array of colour variations and offers multiple grain options
  • A deck made with IPE wood is long-lasting and can maintain itself for up to a century

Considering a Premium PVC Decking Option

Premium PVC decking is lightweight, durable, resistant to decay, and mimics the look of genuine hardwood. It can represent the best of both worlds as it is low maintenance, easy to install, has good traction, and comes in many beautiful colours that are visually indistinguishable from its wood counterparts.

The Benefits of PVC Decking

  • Our premium PVC decking is unmatched, and its durability can withstand the harshest and most temperate climates.
  • It is maintenance-free (requires no staining or sealing), high quality, and closely resembles the look of real wood
  • We provide a wide array of finishes and designs so you can personalize your deck and best suit it to your home

Considering a Composite Decking Option

Composite decking is a low maintenance manufactured product made from recycled wood and plastic. It holds up great in extreme climates with hardly any upkeep while providing a hard surface to protect the decking from scratches and other elements including fading, mold, and rot.

The Benefits of Composite Decking

  • Our composite decking is eco-friendly and incredibly long-lasting with multiple shades and finishes available
  • It is durable against all seasons and has a long-life span that is fade-resistant, moisture-resistant, and offers UV protection.
  • Our composite decking is non-slip, maintenance-free and comes fully sealed so that no treatments are required after purchase

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