February 13, 2024

Composite Decking vs. PVC Decking

Getting a new deck is a big deal! Essentially, it’s adding more livable and better utilized square footage to your already existing property, making it more valuable and more enjoyable to spend time with friends and family all year round. 

If you’re looking for low maintenance premium quality decking options, then composite and PVC decking are going to be your top preferences. At National Decking, we sell both composite and PVC decking and a common question we get asked is what the difference is between the two deck options. Let’s explore the benefits and differences of both composite and PVC decking. 

Composite Decking 

Composite decking consists of a blend inside of the board with plastic or some sort of filler (most often including a wood blend). This mixture of multiple materials in the board lends itself to a more dense and heavier board that is low to no maintenance year-round. Because composite is composed of a few more materials, the exact materials and blends vary depending on the brand. Generally composite is composed of plastic and an organic filler. Over the years composite decking has improved dramatically with its protective shell around all sides of the board to protect the board from moisture absorption and rotting. This has allowed for enhanced performance and considerable longevity. Composite decking also allows for more impact resistance should heavy things drop on the boards. 

At National Decking we offer premium composite decking brands including Fiberon, TimberTech, Trex, and TruNorth.

PVC Decking

PVC decking is not made with any organic material, but rather 100% PVC plastic, or polyvinyl chloride. Because it isn’t made with any organic filler there’s no need to worry about moisture absorption. This makes PVC decking an exceptional option in high moisture applications including around water features, pool decks, and areas where it would need to be installed closer to the ground. PVC boards are lightweight, provide great traction (dry or wet), offer long-lasting durability, and meet customers’ desired low to no maintenance finish aside from an occasional light cleaning with a hose.  

At National Decking we offer premium PVC decking brands including Timbertech Azek, Clubhouse, Fiberon, Woodbridge, and Zuri.

Which is the Better Option?

Both composite and PVC decking provide high-quality boards that are long-lasting, next to no maintenance, and reasonable pricing. The best option of the two will mostly depend on your project’s specifics like the deck area’s moisture, design features, and budget. To find out whether composite or PVC decking will be a better fit your project feel free to reach out to us about our products. At National Decking we’re always happy to guide you and answer all your decking questions!