February 20, 2024

All About Trex Decking

If you’re looking for the leader in the industry of outdoor composite decking and considering an option that is cost-effective then look no further. Trex composite decking is a big player in the market of durable, low-maintenance composite decking. It comes in a variety of colours and is sold in various tiers for entry-level prices as well as premium decking categories. 

It’s no surprise that Trex decking is a consistent best seller. This decking option is made of 95% recycled plastic and wood fibers and over the decades has significantly improved in its durability and engineering including a thick capping on three sides of the deck boards for more resistance against the elements and daily wear and tear. 

Basics & Naturals

Trex’s Enhance Basics and Enhance Naturals Collections are entry-level options that come with an attractive price point. These boards also have a capped protective layer with a scalloped profile to keep costs lower for the consumer. The Enhance Basics Collection is affordable and includes three monochromatic colours with no colour variation or streaking. The Enhance Naturals Collection has the same durability but includes a wider range of colour options including five nature-inspired colours that are multi-toned and include some colour variation. 


Trex Select Collection is a rung higher and closer to the company’s most premium collection. The Select Collection includes two earthy colours with boards that have a solid core rather than a scalloped profile. These boards are durable and resistant to molds, scratches, and stains. 

Transcend & Lineage

Trex’s Transcend and Lineage Collections are the decking company’s premium options. The Transcend Collection offers an impressive variety of seven colours that are rich, deep, and high-end. The wood grains look more natural and offer more dimension to the deck’s overall natural feel. The Lineage Collection is available in four beautiful colours to suit any style preference with wood grains that are incredibly realistic. These colours also come with a UV protective element to keep the boards cooler on the feet during scorching hot summer days outside. 

Trex’s high-performance and durable boards have certainly come a long way over the many years since the company’s infancy. With boards that are durable and come in a variety of colours and entry-level price points, Trex truly offers a high-quality decking option for anyone and their unique needs. 

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Enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space with decking that is fade-resistant, scratch-resistant, natural-looking, and cost-effective. These boards are designed to resist the sun while mimicking your sense of style and maintaining its reputation for high-performance in the outdoor living category. Reach out to one of our composite decking experts to find out more about Trex and whether it’s the right fit for your new deck. At National Decking we’re here to assist and guide you to the right option for you!